A Double-observer approach for estimating detection probability and abundance from avian point counts as described in Nichols et. al. (2000).
    Nichols, J. D., J. E. Hines, J. R. Sauer, F. W. Fallon, J. E. Fallon, and P. J. Geglund
    A Double-observer Approach for Estimating Detection Probability and Abundance from Point
    Counts. The Auk 2000; 117(2): 393-408.

R version of DOBSERV

An updated version of DOBSERV has been written in R which adds the ability to model detection probability as a function of covariates (in addition to observer and species). To install the package, type the following in the R console window:

or, for Mac or Linux, type:

To manually download...


Mac/Linux source:dobserv.tar.gz